Our Dream Hideaway Lodge in Picton

Sit and Plan


We might have a lot of knowledge about landscape but Design Works – Christchurch landscape architecture can help us even more. We know how challenging it could be to set up a garden for our home and for our properties.


We have to put our earnest effort to learn how landscaping really works out. We know we have to plan everything out even from the plants that we would put into our garden. There are many to choose from and that could be very confusing. We have to choose what we really want and what we want our garden to come out. We want to make the right choices because this is for the long term and we could not just change the plants that we have when we change our mind.


We have to sit down and plan everything well. We must choose the right trees and and right plants. We have to choose what color we want or what style we prefer. We have to set up like it has some special theme so it would turn out perfectly. However, we cannot expect to be really perfect because it will always have flaws and we do not have any choice but to accept them.