Our Dream Hideaway Lodge in Picton

Decking Out the New Lodge

One of my favourite parts of organising the new lodge for our first Christmas holidays is decking out all the furniture and linen. I've found an excellent online source for high quality NZ bed linen with some really great brands at reasonable prices.

The business is doing well at the moment so we have a bit of surplus cash to play with largely thanks to our recent successful search engine optimisation NZ campaign which got us to the top of the search engines for some of our most important keywords.

We're typically quite frugal people and the building of the lodge has been a dream we've long scrimped and saved for, so we're not quite sure how to deal with the extra money just yet. My initial instinct was to put it in savings but the kids have persuaded us that it's time to start spoiling ourselves a bit more in our golden years.